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Q: I am attempting to register and when I choose the Via Internet Option I get a message "Internet Explorer was unable to link to the Web page you requested", or you maybe directed to a site called www.route85.com.

A:This will only happen if you are dealing with a version of EasyReader I (easyreader.exe) with a date prior to Oct 1, 2005. The reason for this is that we had to change our website landlord (then, www.route85.com) in the Summer of 2005. The distributed program prior to the Oct 1 date contained this old address of the registration site. Any updates downloaded after that date will contain the new address.

Q: In downloading ERUPDATE.exe I get a message "Cannot create output file 'c:\program files\reader\Easyreader.exe' " or "Cannot create output file 'c:\program files\readerFuzzySearchlib.dll' ".

A: You get this message when you are attempting to update a program while it is active. Therefore, make sure that EasyReader is shut down when performing updates. Note that you may not get a similar message when downloading other files even though EasyReader is running. The reason for this is that the specific files are not in use.


Q: I am having a problem ordering an EasyReader licence. When I accept the Terms and Conditions, and proceed with purchase I get a page with the message "Your Shopping Cart is empty" and no way to proceed any further.

A: The reason for this is that in order to hold and identify a session with you, the website attempts to send you a cookie, in this case a 6-digit identifier. If your Browser does not accept this cookie the result is what you experienced. If you look at the Tools menu on your Browser, select Internet Options, and finally Privacy, you will see settings from "Block all cookies" to "Accept all cookies", with several options in between. If you select any setting except the "Block all cookies"  your Browser will accept the irishforlife cookie.( For example, you may safely choose the High Security option)

Q: I am having a problem with accenting vowels when I use Microsoft Word. The Euro character appears when I type 'ee', print view of the page for 'ii' and nothing for 'oo' and 'uu'.

A: This will happen when English (Ireland) is the selected regional language option  for your computer. This problem is fixed in the ERUPDATE.exe  Jan. 30th, 2005 or later release .

Q: I am having difficulty with establishing permissions for users of EasyReader, using Vista or Windows 7. For example, I cannot update EasyReader. I get error messages when the updating program attempts to unzip the download material to ER's root directory.

A: Lets say that you wish to give all users/or particular users of the computer, the ability to run EasyReader. For this to happen permissions must be granted to users to have full control of the contents of the EasyReader directory (default: c:\program files\reader), and to all of its subdirectories and files. Furthermore,  the Reader directory is a child of the Program Files directory and must not inherit permissions from it, because they might override the permissions you assign to users of Reader.

To see what your security settings are, please execute the following instructions, making sure that you are logged on as an administrator:

1. To see what your current permissions are: in my computer, select the C:\ drive. In the list of displayed directories, double click program files and all its subdirectories will be displayed, including reader. Right click that entry and select Properties. On the ensuing display select the Security Tab.  Towards the bottom right of the display press the Advanced button. You now see the permissions granted to all users, and as Administrator they are editable by you.

In that display of permissions you will see if Reader takes permission inheritance from above (program files) and whether Reader passes all its security properties to its subdirectories and files.  

2. If you wish to change permissions, do so by first clicking the Edit button. ( Remember you must be logged on as administrator to make any changes).  Regarding inheritances, there are two check boxes with which to control these functions (not inheriting from a parent, and passing its own attributes to its files and subdirectories).